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THE Gi-20 Challenge is all about helping You becoming a better You through Leadership, Kingdom of God Principles and Accountability! For the next 12 months my team and I are committed to helping you become the best leader that you can be. By sending you free content, information and resources that is designed to push and assist you into the greater destiny that is on your life, we believe God is going to bless us all by releasing the Next Generation of Ministry and Business Leaders into the World! These resources will be made available to you via our Global Net Communications monthly newsletter! So you definitely want to sign up Now and Stay Connected!

  • Leadership is Reading, learning, Implementing, Resulting, Sharing and Duplicating the Process!

  • Leadership is leading others as well as yourself!

  • Leadership is being able to manage that which is entrusted in your care!

  • Leadership is the ability to make Decisions in tough situations for the betterment of the whole organization.


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